UnderDog Rescue of Florida is a Non Profit 501(c)3 Organization.

We are an ALL VOLUNTEER rescue. CLICK HERE to read more about UnderDog Rescue of Florida.

Every cent donated toward these needy dogs will help to pay their vet bills. We do not have a shelter. All UnderDogs are living in various foster homes from Tampa to Naples.

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NEW LOCATION! Adoption Event is Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our next event will be held at Pet Supermarket on Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm. Their address is 4238 53 Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34203.

CLICK HERE for a map.

Pet Supermarket is located off State Rd. 70, east of Lockridge Ridge Rd. There will be several UnderDogs on hand who are eager to meet you!

For an opportunity to be "pre-approved", please fill out an online application now. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Please keep an open mind and consider your lifestyle both today and 10 years from now before you apply for a dog that may not be a good fit for the long run.

We often receive multiple applications for the various dogs. When you are pre-approved it does not necessarily mean that you are pre-approved for the specific dog that you are applied for. Decisions of our rescued dogs' placements must be made based on the applicant we believe will be the best long-term fit for each dog.

These Dogs Need Your Help!

SANDY The Puggle

This little Puggle girl was picked up off the road after she was hit by a car. She was brought to the animal ER where she was kept stable until she would be transferred to Animal Services.

We were asked to take her, knowing that she had a fractured jaw and was unable to walk. Named SANDY, she was taken to Gulf Breeze Veterinary Hospital in Nort Port immediately the next morning.

Fortunately SANDY still has pain sensation in her hind legs, which tells us that she CAN potentially recover. She has had surgery for her broken jaw and fractured back. She is a sweet little girl and we are doing all we can to give her a chance

UPDATE: SANDY in recovery at the vet's office. John, a local firefighter and fellow Puggle lover went to visit her after his shift before he headed back home to Bradenton. He snapped this photo of SANDY in recovery. Today, John, her new friend, is transporting her back to her foster home! Cross your fingers that she will make a full recovery!

UPDATE: SANDY DEE is doing well, walking and able to go outside. She is house-trained as she did not want to mess in her crate when she was on crate restriction. She continues to get medication for pain and antibiotics, but this good girl was clearly someone's beloved pet before she was found injured from a car accident. Your donations have made it possible to see this adorable girl move to a full and happy life as she recovers her mobility!


LOLA arrived at a high kill shelter with an eye injury. Unfortunately, after UnderDog rescued LOLA, it was discovered that BOTH of her eyes were about to rupture!

After several tests and examinations by Dr. Cohen at Southgate Animal Hospital , we were informed that both eyes would have to be removed. We were devastated to learn that we were not able to save her vision. LOLA is only 3 years old, a sweet, 11 lb. Shih Tzu. This is a heartbreaking situation for a dog who has already had a rough life. UnderDog welcomes and appreciates any donations toward LOLA's surgery.

Update: LOLA is doing amazingly well since her eye surgery! It has been over a week and she is healing nicely. Dr. Cohen stated that her eyesight was very limited for some time due to her condition, and she had been nearly blind before the surgery, so it is not an overwhelming adjustment for her now.

LOLA is getting along really well. Within a couple of hours, she learned how to go out the front door, out the porch, and in and out. She is comfortable, confident and her tail never stops wagging! She loves to sleep in The Big Bed. She snuggles and wants to be with you every moment. And don't think for a second LOLA doesn't know where the kitchen is! She has a sweet personality and is thankful to be pain-free. She needs to be groomed, but we are waiting until her recovery is more complete.

UPDATE: LOLA is now ready to be adopted by some lucky family. She will learn her new ‘family and home’ by scent and sound, just as she has her foster home. She is so loving and very pretty with a cute little fringe of hair over her face, no one would know she was blind. Will you be the lucky one to take her home?


CHLOE is a 2-year-old Shih Tzu rescued from the streets. She was trying to get into someone's house during a storm and was terribly frightened. The nice people who took her in attempted to find her owners but no one claimed her.

UnderDog was then asked to take her into our rescue. Upon arrival, it was evident CHLOE was sick, so she was taken immediately to our wonderful vet, Dr. Cohen at Southgate Animal Hospital .

It was discovered CHLOE had a huge, painful, bladder stone which required emergency surgery. (Dr. Cohen said it was one of the largest stones he has ever seen!) CHLOE also had eye infections and matting. She was spayed during her surgery and it was noted that she had been used for breeding. Our vet staff also commented that CHLOE is a very sweet, gentle girl.

UPDATE: CHLOE, now Mia, has recovered from her surgery. She urinates normally and her ears and eyes are clear with no infection. She had a medicated bath after suture removal last week and was groomed. Her skin is no longer red and her fur is soft and shinny and she smells heavenly. She is adopted!

COPPER Still Needs Surgery

COPPER is a very handsome, 1-year-old male Dachshund mix. COPPER was found lost, hungry, and full of ticks and fleas. As he walked, we noticed a little hop in his back legs so we took him for x-rays.

This poor baby's hip socket ball is sheared off, with the leg being out of the socket, in addition to the OTHER side of his hip being cracked! The good news is with an operation, the socket joint can be fixed and put back into place, and with time and care, the crack will heal. Six weeks after his operation he will be pain-free and ready for a new home!

COPPER has beautiful markings and a very expressive sweet face. He has the long body and short legs of a Dachshund, and is very happy and easy going, considering all the pain he's been in! He is good with other dogs and wants to play with them, but he's more timid with men. Right now, that is about all we know. Being in so much pain, he is very cautious and quiet, and we're not likely to see his true personality revealed until he recovers.

We cannot do what we do without help and donations. If you are able, please make a donation towards COPPER's care.

MAZAL's Sad Story

Once again we have a special story to share. Just look at this poor dog. Her name was MAZAL, and she had been dumped off recently at a high-kill shelter. She had a severe skin condition, infected eyes, and had been suffering from total neglect. But worst of all, she had a mammary tumor on her belly the size of a baseball. It was wide open and infected, and this is how her owners chose to leave her!

When our UnderDog volunteers saw this little girl sitting there quietly with sad eyes, their hearts broke, so they added her to the rescue list even though there wasn't a foster home lined up for her yet. She had been listed as "aged" but when the shelter vet examined her before they left, they discovered her teeth were totally clean and white, like that of a young dog.

It was her neglect that portrayed such an old appearance. MAZAL was only about 5 years old, it seemed, but apparently had lived a horrible life. She was a tiny Shih Tzu, only 6 pounds. Her skin and eyes were a mess with infections, but she was seen by one of our wonderful UnderDog vets once she was transported to Sarasota.

We were hoping the tumor could be removed, and that we would find her a quiet, loving foster home so she could be on her way to recovery and a better life. But rescue work is not always easy, the outcomes are not always what we had hoped, and painful decisions must be made.

Our vets examined MAZAL, took x-rays, and gave her good care and comfort. Unfortunately the tumor was cancerous, and the cancer had already become advanced throughout her body. Treatment was not a viable option, and the heartbreaking decision was made to peacefully end her suffering.

MAZAL has reminded us that there are not always happy endings for our efforts. We do our best to spend our donations wisely, and in this case they gave a doomed little dog a peaceful end to her short life, surrounded by loving strangers who genuinely cared about her more than her own family had.

Thank you to all who offered MAZAL their support.

SEAL PUP is still recovering

UnderDog just rescued another abused dog from the Miami shelter - this time (judging by the X-rays) a little girl who has been severely thrown or kicked, resulting in a broken leg. She is a beautiful Shih Tzu, only about 4 yrs. old.

WHO DOES THIS TO INNOCENT, LITTLE DOGS? She is being transported today (2/8) to Sarasota where she will be placed on pain meds in a quiet foster home until she can get vet treatment on Monday.

UPDATE: SEAL PUP had severe inflammation and so far she has regained 50 percent of the use of her back legs and she has improved bladder and bowel control. She is not ready for adoption at this time.

How Our Adoption Process Works.....

We are a Florida rescue and only adopt within the state. Applicants are subject to home visits, and veterinary references (please include phone number) will be checked. If you are browsing our dogs on Petfinder, and reading the bios, you will see a contact e-mail (usually the foster home) when you click to enlarge the photos. Feel free to e-mail the foster family with any questions about the dog.

We rescue our dogs for life. Once an UnderDog, always an UnderDog. If, for any reason, challenges arise do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help. If you cannot keep your adopted UnderDog, we will take the dog back until a new home can be found. Try to give us as much notice as possible. We understand that life is unpredictable, and we will always accept a returned UnderDog, or help you through a temporary situation so that you can keep him/her.

Keep in mind that we are an 'all volunteer' organization. We all have jobs, families, our own pets, and foster dogs. We are also busy working out details with various shelters and other rescue groups, and transporting dogs from the shelters. Often times we have to drive to shelters for emergency situations to save injured dogs that must be picked up immediately or they will be destroyed. Unfortunately emergency situations must take precedence over the application process. We ask for your understanding and patience when we are unable to return your calls or e-mails immediately.

Please spay and neuter your pets. Read Common Myths and Facts About Spay/Neuter, from the Humane Society of the United States.

About UnderDog

The majority of our dogs were scheduled for euthanasia at kill shelters throughout Florida. We are an 'all volunteer' organization. We do not have a shelter or a paid staff. We collect adoption fees to pay our vet bills. This includes shelter fees, medications, spay/neuter, all shots, heartworm testing and treatment, monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, microchips, dentals, surgeries, skin treatments, setting broken bones, or any other health care deemed necessary by our vets. Our vets offer reduced charges so that we can keep our adoption fees reasonable, but their services are not free. We often rely on extra donations to pay expenses when the cost of care exceeds a realistic adoption fee.

We are an 'all volunteer' rescue. None of our volunteers or officers collects a wage or salary. Every cent donated toward these needy dogs will help to pay their vet bills.